Old FRC/FVC Documents (1999-2007)

While digging through archives for old robot photos/video, I found a lot of old documents relating to old FRC Seasons and the FVC seasons. Some of the FRC documents are redundant (358’s website has a fair few of the files, I didnt clear them out before uploading), but the FVC documents are ones i havent seen before and I cant find them online anywhere else.

A lot of this isint really “useful” (who needs to know how to submit your yearbook page for the 2001 season?) but theres a lot of stuff in here that is cool to look at, such as the field drawings for the 2000 season, or any of the “Pilot” FVC files (which was basically a ripoff of the 2004 FRC game.)

You can download them here.


For the FRC documents, you have two folders named 2000comp.

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Thanks, got them combined.

Fun fact: Half-Pipe Hustle is the most criminally underrated game FIRST has ever put a triangle, circle, and square on. Don’t @ me.

Thanks for digging these up!


Archive now spans from 1998 to 2015 with 1800 documents added. Theres a few QA exports from different years (2009, 2013, 2015 offhand) and a few prior year field drawings (there was going to be some old game CADathon here soon? May come in handy) among other things to check out.