Old FRC Game at BattleCry

We are looking into possibly running an older game at BattleCry this year, preferably before 2000. In order to make this happen we need to make sure we have robots to play the game.

We were wondering if any teams out there still have their robots and would like to “compete” with them.

Please either reply or PM me with which robots you have that you might be able to bring.


We could bring our 1997 bot out of retirement…

I think we also have 1998 in some state of functionality.

Our team just started up recently, but this sounds awesome! I would love to see some old bots, especially some pre alliance bots. It might even be cool to ask teams if they wanted to build new bots for this during the off season and just use the CRIO and such… but that might be too hard and too much of an advantage. Sounds like a cool idea though!

We could probably get 98 or 99 running. I think 95 and 96 are missing controls that were returned to FIRST after the season. 97 and 2000 are too canibalized.

Let us know what year and we’ll take a look to see what we have. We have most of our robots from the last 15 years.

Our 1999 bot was pretty good too and could be brought up to speed :slight_smile:

Are you going to run Lunacy on top of this too? Or are you doing it as a replacement because you don’t like this game? Either way I think it’s a great idea. Hope it goes well for you guys!


This would be a side thing, probably at the team social.

It would be awesome to see the 1999 National Champion 176 robot back in action. Maybe Keith and company could come back and drive it… Maybe a 176, 177 alliance??

We still have most of our old robots together. with a little bit of work, I am sure we could have one of them up and running.

Unfortunately I do not have access to a robot but I would like to officially vote for:


Hexagon Havoc was a pretty exciting game particularly because the goal could be tipped and then the scoring plane would extend to infinity what this means is that if the goal tipped the balls can roll out of goal and even out of the field border but as long as they are within the extended boundaries of the goal they count. Yeah exactly. Also the human players from this year were seat belted in similar to the current game.

In addition the Hexagon Havoc goal is all wood and fairly easy to build.


Assuming we could possibly use new controls in an old robot, Gael Force could bring back 92-95 and 98-2000 (and up, as well, both who cares about the recent years :wink: )

I vote 99 or 2000 though. Especially 2000.

You know you want a rematch of 1997 Tim…

Haha, I wasn’t even on the team then. I’d be more inclined for a 126 vs 25 2000 Einstein rematch. :slight_smile:

I wonder if FIRST would let someone from 146 borrow Blue Lightnings Robot? Blue Lightning Lives Again! I could make some more comeback tour T-Shirts :stuck_out_tongue:

From going through everyone’s posts it seems like 1999 has the most robots and is also the easiest for us to build.

Are there any other 99 bots out there? Right now we potentially have 126, 176, and 177.

How about playing Toriod Terror with Rack N Roll robots?
Let people modify their bots to do things that were allowed back then, like how about intentional tipping? :yikes:

It’s a relatively easy to build goal, small field and most teams probably have a robot currently build that can lift a tube. You could even use RnR tubes, it wouldn’t make that big of a difference.

I know I won’t be at Battlecry, but c’mon who actually wants to see 99 again??
And besides where would you even get a floppy?

I’m pretty sure that intentional tipping was already illegal in 1997. 1995 (Ramp and Roll) got it eliminated, or so I hear (if my hearing and memory both work right).

And, as for the floppies, you take two appropriately sized disks of the right fabric, sew them together, add the velcro, and then stuff them full of foam peanuts. The puck’s harder, but still highly doable.

Don’t forget to have a placebo! (A 2009 robot would work.)

That is not correct, you could legally flip over other robots as long as your intent was not to damage them. Our flipper that year had a plate that stated “Warning T5 in effect”

T5 was the rule that allowed tipping.

I think we have a few floppies left over from 1999. FYI they make great pet beds.

So when did it become illegal? Just out of curiosity. (And to refresh my memory…) Was it the next year?

We have left over floppies and an arm from 1999, but not a full robot. I don’t think we have anything we could mount it to either. I’ll look tomorrow night.