Old FRC stuff

Hello, I was wondering if anybody knew what this item was used for, with friend been able to figure out it dates to early 2000’s but only that far, if anybody could help that be really


Huh. Is that all of it or only part of it?

It looks like a promo shirt or bag/advertising thingy but I can’t place it. Text doesn’t seem like it sheds any real light, but I don’t think this is 100% FIRST-related. Unless…

Can anybody that has worked at FIRST Place at any time comment on any historical stuff they’ve done there? This seems like it might be something of theirs. The best I can do as far as placement is 2000 or 2001, possibly 1999, right when FLL was starting up (would have been the junior challenge and the rescue robots, with FRC as the senior challenge and 3D animation) but I can’t place the rock climbing. But the whole overall thing doesn’t seem to be looking at the competition side of FIRST, so I’m going to guess that FIRST Place has the answer.

“Wait. FIRST Place? What is THAT?” I hear you asking. Well, I’m glad you asked… It’s essentially a museum/summer camp base that happens to be based on the first floor of FIRST HQ in Manchester, NH. Below it (and in the other half of the building) is the Millyard Museum; above it is HQ offices/dev areas/stuff. It’s not usually talked about in conjunction with the competitions because it isn’t a competition like most of the other FIRST programs.

@Libby_K might know better than I do, though…

Text lines:
Operation Rescue Robots
Sr Invention Challenge
Junior Invention Challenge
3D Animation to the Max*
Rock Climbing A Sport of the Mind

*At the time, 3DSMax was provided to all teams as animation software. Somebody had a sense of humor.

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