Old HOF chairmans videos being uploaded by FIRST

So it appears that first has been uploading several of the older chairmans videos from teams HOF winning year.

For instance, stuff from team 191.

And 16

FRC youtube channel link for those who don’t know about it.

I don’t think they are necessarily from their winning year, which is really unfortunate. 120’s video is most certainly not from 1999. Still really cool that FIRST is uploading these even if they are misleading.

Ours is more of a year in review than a Chairman’s video (I’m not sure if FIRST even did that type a thing back then and if they did I am very sure they would not appreciate getting a 15 minute video, no matter how well made it was).

I don’t believe the Chairman’s video was always a requirement. I want to say it started either '08 or '09.

Correct, in a way.

The videos as we know them started being a requirement in 2009 (the year 236 won).

Pre-2003 teams could do whatever they wanted. In 2003 Director Paul Lazarus started creating shorts on the winning team. This ran through 2008 and 842 was the last team to have a short made by him.

You can find the White Dwarf videos at : https://www.youtube.com/user/WhiteDwarfProds

Keep an eye out for some more Chairman’s stuff as the year goes on. The Hall of Fame is looking to put more archival footage out there for teams.