Old IFI Control system parts we are giving away for free

All we have some old IFI Control system parts we found during our shop clean up. None of our robots run on it anymore so rather than just recycle them we figured we’d give them away to people (all you have to do is either pick them up at an event we go to or pay for shipping). Pm me if ur interested.


We’d be willing to accept them and pay for shipping. I’m not really sure how to pm on chief delphi though. If it’s easiest you can email @ [email protected]

Pretty impressive collection and a pretty good storage skills. I used them back in 2006 when I first started as a Mentor. Love the little PIC chips in them. The could do a surprisingly large amount of IO. Drawback was all those exposed pins. On a metal robot, not the best environment.


I really enjoy knowing more about FIRST history. Really interesting!

If you haven’t seen it already, you might like to take a look at this page: team358.org/files/programming

It has a decently complete history of all control systems dating back to 1992. The RIO v2 is missing, but everything else is there AFAIK.


Much appreciated.

Thanks for posting that. I was great to go back and see things like the CMU cam and the mention of Kevin Watson and his amazing code libraries. As I recall there was a version of the WPIlibrary back then that had wrappers for motors, sensors, etc.

An we all lived (or died) on the 22ms loop that was the main polling loop time for all data (sensors and joysticks) to get updated.

Edited to add @Quazar who was also a go to back then for these controllers. We also saw them on the VEX site, the 0.5 controllers had a similar architecture.

You mention picking them up at an event, but you don’t seem to have a team number listed. Which ones are you planning on going to?

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This is great nostalgia, I remember programming these when I was an FRC student. I’d like to get a set and would pay for shipping.

Fun fact, it’s very easy to accidentally pair multiple robot controllers to a single operator interface.


Sure, Troy, whatever you say…

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I remember doing that on purpose when we tested drivetrain changes and had two robots shoving against each other.


You know, say what you will about the old control system, but few things could beat it’s ability to boot up and connect in 5 seconds, not to mention a backup battery to prevent disconnections from brownouts. Our current control system could learn a thing or two from these.

Don’t miss programming in C though.


Don’t threaten me with a good time!


The Microchip C preprocess / compiler was really nice. You could also drop into assembler whenever you wanted. That and Kevin’s libraries made it super easy to write code.

I would love to get my hands on one of the mini controllers, I’ll cover shipping and a donation to the team as a thank you if you have one available still. I’m in Vermont, feel free to message me.


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