Old information on the site

Do you think that after the off season has ended and kick off has begun, that we should get rid of all last years white papers and threads into one thread you can access that way. I hate going in to search for scouting info and getting last years info. :mad:

Flagged as 2004 (or 2003, or whatever) information? Sure.

Deleted? No.

Old information can be quite useful. Like PBASIC information, for those of us who still have and fiddle with the pre-2004 OI/RC setup.

And in five years, wouldn’t you love to remember how wrong we all were guessing this year’s game?

<edit>Of course, if you use the advanced search, you can specify only threads from the past month or newer, which should eliminate most info from before this year.

So perhaps I’ll throw in a suggestion here for Brandon–how about being able to specify a certain date, or even just putting an option for “2005 Kickoff” that points to 1/8/05?</edit>

We close all old threads (no activity pre-April last season), and like you pointed out you can put in a date range, so I think that would be sufficient.

If all old threads are deleted, then all that will happen will be people asking the same questions year after year. Plus, as someone here said, there’s always advanced search.

I second that. Personally, I find old threads to be a major resource. There is simply some team information that this site helps preserve. For example, many threads may reference older threads, among other things. I enjoy being able to have reference points, and sometimes it’s just fun to browse older stuff.

:). Yay for Advanced search.