Old intel classmate computer

Hello! I am attempting to restore one of the reeeally old classmate driver station laptops, does anyone know where I can find a replacement battery for it? I found what I think is the charger but it won’t charge (probably because its not been turned on in years!) Thanks!

Do you have the old battery? If so, look up the model number on Ebay or Amazon.
If not, google the computer model number and see if that gives you the replacement battery.
If it still won’t charge, check the power supply, those do fail.
After that, your best bet is a local computer repair store. Best Buy is not a local computer repair store.

Unless you want it just for fun, it probably isn’t worth it. They have been fully deprecated as of 2022 because they don’t support windows 10, and the driver station doesn’t support windows 7.

Yeah I’m not trying to use it for the team anymore, we were gonna get rid of it but I kinda fell in love with it for some reason. My other idea is to possibly take out all the guts and put in a windows tablet/Bluetooth keyboard.

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