Old (KOP?) Gyro

what was the gyro that was around that just plugged down onto the top of the I2C/SPI port on the roboRIO? I have a resource constrained team here that is ready to take on auto-balance, but not enough $ for a Pigeon or a NavX…

I think it was something like this.

That would be the ADXRS450, which is a single-axis board. You’ll have to be sure it’s mounted correctly if you want to use it for auto balancing.

For balancing you can use the integrated accelerometer. See PSA: Balance in auto


Yep - just yaw, so for it to work well when directly connected to the RIO as designed, the RIO will have to be upright facing the left/right of the robot. Not ideal if you already have a planned mount for it that doesn’t align with this.

I’ll echo the accelerometer method. It’s built into the RIO, three axes, can be used to detect which way gravity is pulling, and has an open source auto designed to be integrated in other teams’ code linked in the post above.


Thanks. We already tried the builtin, found that all bouncing around made it hard to get a good idea of where the center of the earth was, but I’ll look at the link you referenced. Hopefully…