Old Match Results Offline?

URLs for old event match results appear to be broken. For example http://www.usfirst.org/2011comp/Events/CT/matchresults.html does not show the 2011 CT results, even though it is linked from the FIRST page for the regional.

Any idea what’s up?

No idea, but does this help? http://www.thebluealliance.com/event/2011ct

I’m pretty sure Greg already knows the results are available on his own website…

Greg, I got a similar issue when I was trying to pull some old game rules last week. Obviously the archive.org would have them but that’s a clunky hack. It isn’t just that year or that event but is a widespread problem.

Maybe we will luck out and FIRST will finally provide a nice API for accessing information. (I can dream can’t I?)

Completely missed the banner in his signature. Boy do I feel sheepish.

I was able to access old match results 2 weeks ago, but haven’t tried since then.

Stick around for a while and you’ll learn more of the great things that CD users do for others. I’m very thankful for everything Greg and others have done to bring TBA to us.

And to answer Greg’s question, the Standings and Awards are down too. Looks to me like FIRST is in the middle of a re-design of old data. I don’t remember the pages being that neat and accessible in the past.

I’m so glad to see progress on The Blue-alliance! Thanks for all your work Greg and others involved.

It seems that all URLs that point to the www2.usfirst.org domain (where a lot of archived match results and the like were) now automatically redirect to the main usfirst.org website, which lacks that content.



Fingers crossed ::safety::

I noticed because we finally have proper tests for our scrapers! I guess that means they’re working ::ouch::

Does anyone have a contact on the FIRST web team?

Point of data: I tried to get to that data on Saturday and had no luck.