Old Motors

So, my team has a motor from a 2007 robot that was donated to us that we are planning on using for our deployment system, though its a little unclear if we can use it.


Stop. If it’s unclear that you can use it, read the Manual. Particularly read <R46> and <R45>.

If that motor is the same as a motor from the 2011 KOP, and is within the allowed quantities, then it is legal. If it is not, do not use it on the shelf.

It’s still unclear. I’ve tried posting a picture twice, and so far, it’s not working

Quickly describe it with dimensions?

it’s similar to the car window motors, but larger. The motor itself is 4" long and 2" wide, mounted to a gear thing that is about 3"x3," though it’s not square and maybe an inch thick

It is also solid metal

Does it have a long metal shaft? If so it’s probably a van door motor.

(This would also mean it’s not allowed in this year’s competition)

sounds like one of the old Keyang motors

2007 KOP checklist
page 3?

If it is, then it is illegal. Just use one of the Denso Window motors from this years kit.

Actually yes, it is probably a Keyang as the van door motors went away prior to 2007.

It is that motor. We were using that because it had the right gear size.

Back to the drawing board.:rolleyes:

Those things weren’t all that powerful anyway.

Any Ideas to change the gear on the window motor?

The worm gear of the Denso motors are considered part of the motor and cannot be modified.

<R47> Motors and servos used on the ROBOT shall not be modified in any way, except as follows:
A. The mounting brackets and/or output shaft/interface of the motors may be modified to facilitate the physical connection of the motor to the ROBOT and actuated part.
B. The electrical input leads on the motors may be trimmed to length as necessary.
C. The locking pins on the window motors may be removed.
D. The connector housings on the Window motors (PN 262100-3030 and 262100-3040) may be modified to facilitate lead connections.

Why would you want to change the gear?

Just put on the black coupler. Then it can accept a 5/8s keyed shaft.

Because the gear that is on that motor does not fit what we have

Well, what do you have?

What can it get attatched to?

The gear we are attaching is about 5.25" diameter with 64 teeth

By “gear”, do you mean the 6-pointed star looking thing on the denso?

Or by “gear”, do you mean a 64 tooth chain sprocket?

Or by “gear”, do you really mean “gear”?

How did you possibly get a 64 tooth “gear” to fit perfectly on one of the old keyang motors, but not a window motor?