Old Parts

Any teams looking for parts to “play” with over the summer etc?

My team is moving to a different facility and are trying to clear out some of the old parts that we don’t use anymore in FRC.

Parts available:
-Fisher Price Motors
-Globe Motors
-Old CIMS (old version from 2003-2005 era)
-KOP Wheels
-Lunacy Wheels
-and many more items

Email [email protected] if you are interested.

No charge for items. Shipping available but not free.

What KoP wheels are you speaking of? AndyMark 6" Hi-Grip?

Could you post a more detailed list?

is still really hoping the fisher prices come back

Just curious, but do the old CIMs mount the same way as the new ones?

Haven’t handled one in a while, but I think it does. The screw holes may be a little further apart…

How many CIMS do you have. we’ve been looking to build a few demo robots that these might work for. I’ll send you an email about them as well.

I was trying to setup a place on Facebook that would be helpful for teams to exchange information like this using mobile phone to snap a photo and upload it to a group. You’re welcome to use this group to quickly share photos.

As far as old cims, I can count them tomorrow but there is a milk crate of them.

I, also was hoping for the return of the fisher price motor but I feel Banebot ones have replaced them well.

For wheels, I have the old gray kop wheels in 4" and 8" sizes.

I believe the holes match but just like you I haven’t handled them in awhile.

I will work on a more detailed list tomorrow when I continue to pack.

I will also upload pics to the group mentioned above.

Stall City, Population: them

my team hasnt had any problems with this

Only when not used properly.

330, during my time on the team, NEVER had a problem with ours, except the one time when a programmer jammed the '05 arm into a hard stop during testing and broke the output on a gearbox (no motor stalling there). 3/5 robots used them in arm/lift applications, running through their stock gearbox before adding some extra reduction or a winch system.

2004: two FPs on a winch system pulled the robot up to the 10’ bar.
2005: two FPs ran the arm. We later discovered that one would have been enough, when we inadvertently left a PWM unplugged.
2007: We didn’t have enough weight for two FPs on the arm, so we only used one.

I think 2006 used BB motors instead of FPs in ball transport systems; 2003 used only 4 motors, two in drive and one of the others was a CIM.


I am interested in doing a summer project but am on a relatively low budget. I would love to get my hands on some 4 inch wheels and some old CIMs if possible.

-Will email you

Thank you,
Robert Sarakin

Team 704 would be interested in some lunacy wheels.

Just thought I would check back in and see if there has been any updates. We’re still interested in those cim motors. Would gladly pay shipping.