Old Parts

Im not sure what everyone does with their old electrical or mechanical parts but i am in search of anything willing to be donated! Jaguar motor contollers old blue power boards anything at all! Im in the process of restoring an old team bot from a team i was appart of as well as educating and making show bots to take around and show to people. And places that may not even know theres a world of robotics out there! Im not looking for newer modern parts, im looking for anything thats un needed, or is just taking up space! Thank you~ i wish all teams luck this year! This is going to be a good year for the team i was part of! And i hope everyone is in good health!

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I have a few parts that might help out. I’ll take an inventory and let you know. We had a couple older teams that didn’t make it through covid and we got a bunch of their stuff. All the useful stuff we distributed to other teams here in Arkansas but some of the old stuff I just put in a box. I know there is a few Jaguar’s and a crio. I gave away some of the blue power boards because they can be used for other things. I’ll just have to look and see what is left.

Thank you so much! Its sad to hear the teams didnt make it… I feel bad for them… Covid has taken a huge toll on the world of robotics… It has affected the team i was on as well… Im hopeing everyone stays in good health this year! Anything is appreciated! Im hopeing i can gather a few alumni as well who might still want to stay in the FRC world and create a game to be played by the alumni, but also used to help my local fll teams start into the FRC world

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We have a ton of old stuff (anyone want Fisher Price gearboxes? IFI controllers?). Probably wouldn’t be able to inventory it until later in / after the season.

Funny you should mention FP gearboxes… I’m on the hunt for those myself.

Take your time! Im really trying to help out some fll teams and make some showcase bots to hold and take around to inform people about the world of frc and robotics! Anything would be great! Ill take anything your willing to donate! I can give an adress and anything needed! Im also reatoring an old robot from a team i was on back in 2011 to 2016!

Half of the “Motor” tote is probably FP gearboxes (the plastic ones, don’t know if there were any others), the other half CIMs, and the other half other stuff.

Well ill gladly take anything! Electrical or me mechanical! I have a wearhouse and every other friday i have 2 fll teams come out and i show them different things! So older parts would be perfect! Gearboxes or anything electrical as well would be super helpful!