Old Robot Donation

Now in our 15th year, we’ve accumulated a number of competition robots from previous years. I’d like to donate them to under-resourced and/or new teams for either to use the parts and/or to serve as design examples. Does anyone know of anyone doing this already? Anyone interested in a donation? These are in most cases fully functioning robots complete with full electrical systems. (This would not include a driver’s station however.) Might even be able to donate a few used but good condition batteries. I’d really like this donation to benefit new or low-resourced teams, so please honor that wish.


Hi if you still are donating robots my team would like to receive one. It is our 3rd year but 2022 was really our first competition when 2020 we got wrecked by coronavirus and lost one of our loved mentors. We just finished Orlando and south Florida regional. We have partnered with a school in a town that has mostly underprivileged kids and poverty and drug overdoes are a huge issue. We have had a few kids and one of our mentor’s nephew die from drug overdose. We are starting to prepare for the next season 2023 and would be gracious to any help that we can get. Thank you very much.

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I would personally love that. I’m a mentor for a first year rookie team 8868 who got qualified for worlds via wild card. Over the summer I would love to train them. They had two weeks to build their initial robot this season. Some never had used a drill!

Hi, and sorry for the lengthy delay.

Yes, we have a robot for you. The only thing, I don’t know how to get it to you. Any ideas?

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Hi, and sorry for the lengthy delay.
Yes, I have a robot for you but don’t know how to get it to you. Any ideas?

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Hi John, we are a team from the Bronx and could use a robot donation for students to model. We are recovering from loosing our long term mentor during covid and rebuilding the team skills. Let me know if they are still available. We may be able to sort shipping logistics.

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Hi Paul,
I’m sorry to hear about your mentor. Please accept my condolences.
I have 2 robots but also 2 people ahead of you. Trying to work out logistics with them. If it can’t be figured out, then at least 1 should become available. I’ll let you know.

All of my old robots have been donated already, or are in process of being donated. Sorry, there are no more. Thank you for your interest.

John, thank you for your kind thoughts. Let us know what happens. Even if you know of a control kit or parts that could be used on an off-season bot. We have an unfinished chassis that is incomplete and they would like co complete it to honor his memory.
Again thank you for letting us know

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