Old School FRC Match Videos - Who Has Them?

After seeing the thread that Cory started on 71’s 2001 and 2002 robots, it got me thinking - we really don’t have very much video of matches before 2007 available anywhere online. The best resource I’ve found is the FIRST Video Archive and even that gets pretty sparse around 2005 as you go back through each season.

I always remember people hooking up VCR’s & DVD players to record the raw match feeds at regional events while I was in high school (02-05 seasons). I have to believe that people still have these tapes & discs, probably gathering dust somewhere on a shelf. Unfortunately, it usually takes time to capture this footage & post it on YouTube / The Blue Alliance, especially if it’s on a VHS tape.

So here’s my request - if you have match footage that isn’t on FIRST Video Archive or The Blue Alliance, post what you have here. I know I would gladly spend the time to capture this footage & post it online and I’m sure others would be up to the challenge as well.

Maybe some of the guys affiliated with 108 have some of the old SOAP footage laying around somewhere? You guys were the go to source for match footage 10 years ago, was any of that footage archived?

Team 20 has a portion of our website devoted to FRC history and we try to have match videos from each season as we can. We are missing '95 I believe, but other than that we have video from each season.



I see the links are primarily youtube video. are these yours or just simply linked off youtube? I ask as I would like to save them off and onto firstvideoarchive.

Yeah youtube is great and all but its nice to have the video in one location able to follow one link at a time.

They are mostly linked off youtube for the earlier ones, but the 2008 and later ones are from us.

Actually, we have Andy Baker to thank for all of the 2001 and earlier videos. Thanks Andy!

Here is a link for the “2009 Ramp Riot 10 Year Anniversary” video.

This is a single 8 minute video that has clips of every game from 2000 - 2008.
I don’t think this is exactly what Ryan is looking for, but it does show all (9) games in a fun and compact format.

I know I have digital files of full matches from 2000 through present as well. I will search.

While all of the existing stuff on YouTube is great, I’m really hoping to find a few people who know people that have, for example, the entire 2003 Arizona regional on VHS, or all of a specific field from Championships in 2005, etc. I hope that someone is just sitting on a gold mine of old match footage that we could help get uploaded.

This has to be my favorite channel on Youtube: Andy Baker’s channel

I’d love to see some old school match videos. However, I have a feeling that video from many events will be difficult to obtain, being on VHS and from so long ago.

The only team I can think of from the MAR area that would have such match footage would be (I think) MOE, I remember they always had a VCR recording matches. I don’t know how far back though…

A huge number of videos were archived at soap108.com, but that site seems to be gone. It eventually went to soap.circuitrunners.com, but that doesn’t work either. In the past weeks, our team has gotten a couple of videos from the wayback archive, but I’m having trouble finding and getting videos. Somebody with more skill could probably figure out how to grab those videos, or maybe somebody from team 108 still has them. BTW, what happened to SOAP?

I know a couple of people on our team have VHS tapes we’ve watched from time to time of seasons past, I can try to get in touch we people who might be aware of any video we would have.

Some (I’m not sure how many) of the videos from soap108.com can be found here.

1999 Championship Finals (behind the scenes, feat. famous people and such): http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC10EDA122AFA63BE

Random Team 48 match videos from 2000-2007:

If you find out someone that has some let me know, I’d be happy to borrow them & capture the footage from them.

Soap and the people of soap slowly dissolved. A couple years back I was asked to allow them to point the soap url through my server but shortly there after the url expired.

Do you know if the videos hosted on soap were lost, because some could probably be hosted on TBA. Also, some of the videos from soap can be found on the internet archive here if you search .asf, .wmv, or .mov in the links.

Does anyone have video of Chief Delphi’s famous 2000 robot? I’ve been hearing my entire career about how this robot was years ahead of it’s time, and won competitions in dominating fashion. But the only video I’ve been able to find of it is a single match posted by Andy Baker, the one match in which it broke down and was upset at the championship event.

I am pretty sure Truck Town has videos of just about anything you can think of from the past. We have an absurd amount of video footage from the past.

Here is the problem: They are all on VHS cassettes. I would love to share them with everyone and I am sure there are some great matches in there. We just need to get them digital.

Any volunteers to sit through hours of video conversion?

I’m a bit far away from you guys, but me and some of my team members may be interested in taking this on. I’m a sucker for old match video and FRC history.

There are actually quite a few files on there so i will have to crawl the crawler :). I am going to get ahold of the host holding onto soap.circuitrunners.com to see if the files are still there just locked off.

Here’s our first match from 2003 with 25 vs. 713 and 371.

I have a number of HOT’s matches posted on my YouTube channel:

I digitized a number of 67’s old VHS recordings in hopes of preserving as much as possible. Posted on my channel are:

  • A hand-held recording of HOT’s perspective of the 1997 Midwest Regional. It’s an awesome time capsule showing what events looked like then.
  • 3 matches from 2000’s Midwest Regional quarter finals
  • 3 matches from the semi-finals and finals of Newton 2002 (including two matches with 71’s file card walking robot!)
  • Tons of matches from 2003-2005

Also: two almost complete Dean Simmons and the Kamen Brothers concerts.