Old School FRC Match Videos - Who Has Them?

SOAP handed out CDs at championship. I happen to have a couple. I started to upload2005 matches onto my youtube account.

I submitted all the videos to TBA’s upload google doc as well. The TBA upload process should take a week or so.
Then hopefully TBA will finally have a few more 2005 champs video

If you have them, I’d love to see videos from 03.

Dose anyone know where i can find videos of the 05 UC Davis regional? Been looking online with not much luck.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

Travis, do you have the 2003 Canada SF1-2 match?

1075 would have been playing in it.

I have a pile of VHS tapes sitting on my shelf at home, collecting dust!

Mostly they are from 1999, 2000, and 2001 - I"m not sure if they are full events (Chicago, Great Lakes, etc.) or just our matches, but I’ll try to look. I also have VHS feeds from WI in 06 and 07 I believe, as well as some SOAP discs (as others have mentioned).

I’ll try to compile a list of what I have and compare to what’s out there already. Parsing the video will take a while though…


Once digitized, splitting up the matches can be made much simpler with these python scripts intended to help with just that