Old School Natural-Selection

I was wondering if anyone wanted to get together and play some Old-School NS one night. I found the installer for ver1.0, and I’ve been itching to play with someone ever since. IM, email, PM, or just respond to this post and we’ll see if we can’t get it going.

PS–The ns installer can be found here:

What is natural selection? Could you please explain it before I install it.

Natural Selection-- Once popular mod to Half-Life. You play aliens vs. humans(soldiers)

Not merely once popular, it is still popular. The v3.03 beta can be found at www.natural-selection.org . I like the first set of releases the best though.
One thing before you get it, though, you will need Halflife installed on your system and you will need to have it patched to the release. Sorry for not being clear on that earlier.

Not another, half $@#$@#$@# mod. Why won’t people let that game die?

It’s a classic game.

TRIBES has been out for what…about almost 10 yrs. maybe now, and the servers are still pretty full. It’s a game that never gets old, because there’s always something new.

Yeah, I play Tribes 2 all the time, you got me there. But I’ve only been playing it since christmas, cause it’s only $10. I don’t pay $50 for games.
I can’t wait for Tribes: Vengence to come out.

Do you think that Tribes: Vengeance will cost less than $50 when it comes out? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways…Halflife is only $10-20 in the store nowadays, and there are mods that are more than full of variety and the servers are almost always packed. I like it (and won’t let it die) becasue everyone I know has it and we can play NS, CS, DOD, TFC, or any other HL mod whenever we want to because we always have it installed.