Old School NS Action

Has anyone out there played Natural Selection? If you have, you know about all the awesome gameplay that it provides. As of late, the play has waned to being kind of boring. IMHO, Version 1.04 was perfect. I did a little hunting, and I found a Steam port for NSv104, and I’m trying to get a game together. If you’re interested, send me an IM on JakeTeam134, Jakeaffle, sessofiendjake, or wolfhoundNH (All AIM, all always on), or send me an email at [email protected]
The file can be found at http://fragfiles.org/files/36/9/2
To download, you have to login to the website…just use the login I made:
user: jakegallagher
pass: password
Hope to see you on the Frontier!

The setup for this can be a little bothersome, so if you need help, refer to http://www.brywright.co.uk/ns/steam104.php or ask me…I’ve managed to make just about every concievable problem happen and I still fixed it.