Old School paper Pit Scouting

Hey ya’ll. An old dinosaur who started with FIRST back in 2003 here.

I am helping a rookie team locally this year. Need to keep things simple as we only have 4 students as well.

Does anyone have a simple paper version pit scouting ya’ll willing to share with us?


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Yup. This is where my mind went for off the shelf

Yes. Fantastic. Thanks Ya’ll!

Welcome back, Alex. If you only have 4 students, then any type of scouting is going to be problematic. You might have to lean on TheBlueAlliance and statbotics.io for your scouting information. It’s not as individualized as the SPAMalytics, but the OPR and EPA numbers will probably get you going in the right direction.


Also, see if there is another team at your competition who would be willing to do joint scouting or share scouting information with you.