old software

my team is currently trying to run the old little robot… and as someboy decided to format all the computers in the robotics lab, i dont have the old c18 compiler that works with the old code anymore… and the microchip site only has the newest version that wont compile the old code for some reason…

can somebody please send me the old compiler? the 2.2 or 2.4 one…

Unfortunately, we can’t send it to you because it is licensed to one team only and they can’t be shared. However, there are trials on the Microchip website. (There may be a free once which lacks optimization. Not sure though.)

I think Anton’s looking for an achived version of the C18 student edition compiler, not the full version found in the KOP.

Anton, you might want to send an email to Microchip asking them why only archived versions of C30 and MPLAB are listed on the archive page. They need to put old versions of MPASM and C18 up there as well.

thanks anybody… i found it the other night in an obscurely named folder on my home pc… heh, you never know what a folder titled “new floder” might contain : )