Older Festo DCVs? and Cylinders?

Are we allowed to use an older version of a Festo DCV?
And are we getting any free Cylinders from Bimba this year too?

You can order your free Bimba actuators here: http://www.bimba.com/FirstFree.aspx
Limit: (3) Total Cylinders/Actuators (Example: (2) Cylinders and (1) Rotary Actuator)

SPECIAL NOTE: ALL international orders must be received at BIMBA by 11:59pm on February 1, 2010

As far as old parts, such as the FESTO valve, old KOP parts aren’t legal.
You have to be able to find it available commercially before you can use a part.

Where do you purchase the joints and mechanical connectors for the bimba cylinders ?

I attempted to navigate the Bimba website, maybe I’m just missing a section?

In the past they have come with the free cylinders. You can also purchase them from McMaster.

Those parts are usually listed as Accessories after each of the cylinders in the pdf catalog.