Oldest Still-Functioning FRC Robot?

I’ve been watching the “shop cleanout” threads and was thinking back to older robots I’ve seen. What’s the oldest FRC robot you or your team has that still works (at least somewhat)?

What game, and did you change anything between it’s build season and now?

EDIT: And if you have photos, please post them! My curiosity is piqued.

Our 2008 robot is still perfectly functional, though we haven’t turned in on a few years. Our 2007 robot may be functional, but I’m not sure. Our 2004 robot is still mostly intact, but I doubt it runs.

Our 2014 robot is the oldest of our robot that still functions. We’ve disassembled all robots from 2009-2013 and our 2015 robot. We will most likely disassemble this year’s robot aswell.

Our oldest functioning robot is our 2010 one. Turns out most people can relate to soccer, so it’s a good demo robot.

The oldest functioning robot is 2014, makes for a great demo robot. Most other robots have been “retired” aka we still have them but stole the electronics from most of them. Our 2015 robot was rarely demoed. We started stealing parts from it and them just fully disassembled the whole thing while keeping intact our bin and can grabber. 2016 is still being used.

I believe that FIRST team 20 still has their 1st robot intact. That would be from 1992, Maize Craze.

45 also still has their Maize Craze robot.

The oldest fully functional robot we have is from 2005.
Since that photo, nearly everything has been restored to its original condition.
(for reference: https://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/21476)

We have 2004, but nearly everything is missing (lots of pneumatics) and the previous robots are either scrapped ('97), in storage at our previous build site, or possibly floating around at JPL. All of the RCs still have code, so they could theoretically be restored.

2007 also works except for a missing control input (can’t use wings), and 2008 kind of needs some wheels.

Team 20’s 1992 robot is still intact, but not operational. Our oldest still operational robot is either 2005 or 2006. 2006 for sure (we still use it for demos from time to time), and 2005 was last used for prototyping in 2011 (elevator) and should still be in working order as far as I am aware.

I’m pretty sure 126 also has their first robot, but I doubt it is still functional.

447 brought their rookie robot (so 2000) to cage match last year in 2016. They rebuilt it as an offseason project.

Our 2012 bot is still barely functioning, but we still use it as a demo bot because kids seem to like that it shoots basketballs. Our 2008 robot, Cobra, was alive until last year. RIP Cobra. :frowning:

Here is our 2012 bot:

The oldest robot that Team 74 still has working for sure is 2015. We still have intact robots from almost every year since our rookie year, '95 (excluding '96, '98-'01 and '13). Our 2014 robot should still be in working condition, we had it driving around a little last year, but I know we lack code for it. To my knowledge, we haven’t tried running any robot from earlier than 2014 in a long time, so it’s possible that some may still run.

Does 45 still have their ball drive active? Last I heard of it was 2012.

Oldest bot we have is 2011. We demo it every year.

The oldest robot that we have fully intact is our ultimate ascent Frisbee shooter. It is a great demo bot because people love to shoot Frisbees. It was getting a little worn out so this previous season we painted it, added mechamium wheels and updated it to the new control system. I have attached a photo of it without the wheels on. It has been an amazing demo bot.

We still have our 2012 robot, we replaced all of the old electronics with a robo-rio. It works well for us for demos.

We used to have our 2008 robot fully functional for awhile, but we ran out of space to keep it.


Our 2013 frisbee shooter was mechanically functional until this fall, when it was disassembled to reform into a football launcher that never worked. :frowning: Our 2017 STEAMworks robot is the only one we currently have working. We could probably restore our 2015 Recycle Rush back together if we wanted to (we have most of the non-COTS parts still), but why?

We built a t-shirt cannon way back in 2012 and it’s still going, but it’s sort of like George Washington’s axe at this point. Between major rebuilds in fall 2014 and fall 2016, the nanotube kits, CIMS, scuba and accumulator tanks, and 3/4" solenoid valves are all that are left from the first iteration.


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