oldish motor pinion

i have a dewalt motor, and i need specs of the pinion gear and torque curves,
the number on the side of the motor is 2 607 022 078 then below that + 290 11 20
the gear is 15 teeth, and clues or help needed!


the second motor i have is a rs-545sh, i can probally get the curves from banebots but i don’t know about the pinion, the number on the motor can is T9071920, the gear has 14 teeth



That first one is a Bosch motor, and it is a 0.7 Module gear. The only sources of 0.7 module gears in the US (that I know of) are SDP-SI (for plastic gears) and Pic-Design (long lead time) for metal gears.

Another alternative is to get somebody to burn one for you using wire EDM. Many EDM houses have programs that will create wire paths based on the gear specs. This is a pretty small job and it won’t take long so it shouldn’t be too expensive.