Om Nom Nom Nom!

the back story;
our team was killing time in the stands at the UVA competition when i started to tell the long story of “OM NOM NOM NOM.” (a crazy, wild internet phenomenon!) and from then it just took off. anyone can make their own which is the great thing about it (:

just take a picture of your FRC team’s robot in a crazy position and post it; here’s ours;

-joshua beta team 2068

Nobody’s gonna reply?:frowning:

Just wait a bit. I would but I have no decent pictures of our robot. :frowning:


There was a competition at UVA?

They started with this idea at the Virginia FTC at UVA.

You know Dave, that almost looks like you on the right. (The guy saying “halp”.) Except that I don’t think you’d be caught dead with that spelling…:yikes:

/me ducks and runs