OM5P-AN Issues

After returning from an off season event our team has had trouble reconnecting our radio with our robot. We have used the radio configuration tool many times and flashed and reconfigured the radio. We have also brought in a new Roborio and tried to get the radio to connect that way. We have also tried to get comms with another radio and it has not seemed to work as well. Any help would be appreciated, Thank you

have you tried the directions in the documentation?

Are you able to access the router control panel at If not, try going into your computer network settings and setting a static IP (eg If you are able to access it, check the connected devices list and see if the roboRIO is there.

We followed the directions on the guide and was unable to still get communications. We are able to access the robot up via tether and not wirelessly.

When connected wirelessly, please check if you can access the router control panel at (add in your team number of course)

yeah that did not work

Then it’s probably a computer misconfiguration. Have you tried setting a static IP on your computer (or switching back to DHCP)? For Windows, it’s on the (old) Control Panel under network adapter options - right click the wifi connection > properties > ipv4 > properties.
To set a static IP, select the manual option and enter in IP address, then click out and the subnet mask should automatically set itself, and that’s all you need to fill in. To switch back to DHCP, select the automatic options for IP and DNS again