OM5P Radio and FRC Driver Station

We have been trying to drive our robot around, and are facing some communications issues. We have our OM5P configured and hooked up to our RoboRIO. I am able to connect to the radio through wifi, but when I open the driver station it comes up as no connection.

Is there something that I am missing in getting the radio to work?

I should mention that we have tried on two different laptops, and firewall, antivirus, etc. are all disabled.

What do the status lights on the Driver Station Diagnostic tab say?
Particularly, the Robot Radio indicator and the Robot indicator (& IP)?

Are either of the two middle lights on the radio showing blue?

The diagnostics tab on the driver station shows that there is connection with wifi but that’s it. All the center lights on the radio are blue.

Have you set your team number in the Driver Station?
On the Setup tab.

If the Robot Radio light is out on the diagnostic tab, but you’re connected to it, then the PC & radio aren’t using compatible team numbers.

That was set up properly… It turned out that there where restrictions on the laptops put in place by our school district. We got everything working again. Thanks for your help!

I hate school district laptops… :slight_smile:
Glad you got it fixed!