Omar Osman, 8023’s Driver and Lead Programmer Passes Away Unexpectedly

Here’s our fellow teammates obituary. Everyone who met him, even if they met him once thought he was an amazing guy. Updated Obit (Monday 12/5/22 7pm)


Definitely agree he was an amazing guy. His driving was awesome, getting to work on code with him and seeing his knowledge and passion was awesome. Everything about Omar was awesome, and I’m deeply saddened by his passing.

I can genuinely say we would not have been able to get our first blue banner if it wasn’t for you guys and for him. He was an awesome programmer and an awesome driver and an awesome person. His defense was clean, and he brought such joy and excitement to the field every match. I am honored to have been able to work with him. He will be severely missed, and my thoughts go out to you and your teammates.


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