OMG 3366

Out of nowhere. Tell me about this robot

I haven’t been able to get the Hub City feed to work. What can it do?

Maintain 1 seed after beating the Robonauts by more than 150 points.

Keep in mind, 100 of those points were penalties. Still impressive.

I couldn’t find any sort of reveal video. Does someone have match video up on youtube yet?

Fast gears, fast climb, fast drive. Swerve, I think? They are kicking heinie at one of the most competitive events.

are they on lunch break right now?

Must be, all I’m getting from Hub is advertisements and stuff right now… I must say that it was an impressive match, despite the foul points. 118 really got smacked around by 624 and 3366.

624 and 118 are great friends though so I assume it wasn’t malicious

Is it just me or did 3366 take a spill off the rope and onto it’s back in match 37?