Omg! My 1000 post! :)

yea, yea - I know people that have been here for a shorter amount of time have posted more than 1000 posts - but i’m just happy that I can hit the 1000 mark! W00-H00!!

BTW - I was regestered on Sept 1999 - not that 2001 - it just changed over from the VB3 update…

Thank you for all your posts and responces from all the people of - and thank you Brandon for working so hard to keep open. I realise that this is not a small task at once - and the way you go above and beyond the call just blows me away.

I would also like to thank the team Chief Delphi (47) for putting up and funding such a great web site. Very, very nice going guys! Keep up the awsome work-and hope to see your robot soon! :slight_smile:

Yeah… this is mine too. Look at the special RED color for the occasion. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I passed my 1000th not long ago too.