so the chairman’s award criteria says it has to turned in at 11:59 eastern standard time well i read just 11:59 and we were to late so we missed the dead line :frowning:

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Mistakes happen - you can make the best of the situation and learn from your mistake.

Bring the submission to the competition: you may not be able to enter it as a CA entry, but i’m sure the judges would love to hear about your team non the less.

I agree- mistakes do happen to the best of us! You should not be hard on yourself! There is always next year!

And just because you aren’t entered for Chairmans, as Leav said, the judges will still like to hear about everything you have done and all of your accomplishments! You can use this opportunity to practice speaking to the judges and to obtain a lot of feedback that you can use for the upcoming year!

Let this year be a practice season, and come back next year with full force!

And there is still the Judge’s Award, which does not necessitate a submission!

Best of Luck!

When I was a sophomore in college I read my exam schedule incorrectly… so I showed up to a 6:30 pm exam at 8 pm. I thought I had doomed myself to fail the class, and it was a class I couldn’t afford to fail. Two years later and I’m doing well in my senior year of college, and the only reason I remember that class at all is because of that mistake that I made. Your mistakes aren’t as important as how you handle them and learn from them. I’ve been sure to double check my exam schedule every time since that incident.

As the other replys have mentioned, you’ll have the opportunity to win other awards this year. It is a hard feeling to feel that you’ve let your team down, but most everyone has been there at one point or another. Take this as a learning experience. Your team will still have the chance to compete, you’re still in the running for other awards, and years down the road you’ll probably laugh about this. Take the opportunity to own the situation, and you might be surprised by the positive outcomes.

Lauren said it well.

Take this situation and learn from it, make sure the TEAM learns from it. That’s how strong teams are built.

But for now: Dangnabbit! :mad: