#omgkickoff on Twitter (Kickoff 2010 documented live by FIRSTers!)

Did you miss any of the buzz this morning on Twitter??
(Here’s a hint, it’s still going on!)

A LOT of stuff was talked about real-time as the kickoff was underway.
It’s like re-living it again by reading the tweets from the link below! (the good, the exciting, as well as the sad - prayers to FRC 3125 members)

I actually don’t have a twitter account (maybe now I might get one because of things like this that happen up to the minute!), but I was glad I was able to follow many people’s thoughts minute by minute this morning!

Reminded me of a few years ago when a bunch of us FIRSTers/CDers would chat in AIM in real time while the kickoff was happening!


I was a part of that, and it was so much fun. Seeing other’s reactions to the broadcast through 140-character updates was completely hilarious, and so was the insane amounts of texts that I was getting from friends. (I had to clear my inbox at least 4 or 5 times over the course of the broadcast). I was kind of disappointed that #omgkickoff didn’t trend, though…

i definitely annoyed a few of my friends with those pointless tweets.
(not to mention facebook, since my Tweets are posted there too)