#omgrobots shirts

Hey guys, I just launched a teespring campaign for some #omgrobots shirts. They’re pretty simple. http://teespring.com/omgrobots Don’t know if anyone wants one, but if you do, there’s the link.

Once I get the money, I will be down for one (I spent all of my money on team-gear at champs)

They’re cute.
You passing on any of the profit to Jess Boucher, the creator of the hastag #omgRobots? :]

Awesome shirts! Just a couple of things - Make sure that the design follows FIRST’s branding and design standards. Page 7 details use of the icon without the wordmark. Also, since you’re selling these, make sure you get written permission from Marketing. They can be reached at marketing[at]usfirst[dot]org.