OMIO CNC Need new coolant pump

We love our Omio CNC but the coolant pump gave up on us. I’m having a devil of a time finding a 120V pump with the correct fittings and adequate flow rate.


Might be worth looking at this post: OMIO CNC Tips, Tricks and Questions - #171 by cbale2000

Any medium sized pond pump that fits on the tubing will work. Make sure there’s no clogs first though.


Fittings can be adapted. Excessive flow rate can be reduced. Harbor Freight can be your friend. I most certainly dislike Amazon on principle, but there it is…

This pump is what we are using on ours. We just used the nipple from the one the Omio provided. Works so for. Very little run time though.

Just make sure you’re using only plastic fittings. Mixing metals in a cooling loop is bad news.