Omio CNC Router Limit Switch Changing Mid-Cut

My team has had an Omio CNC X8-2200EPL for about a year now where we have preformed quite a few cuts without issue. Recently when cutting a small woodworking project on the Omio the machine suddenly stopped moving mid-cut and changed all of the limit zeroes. The spindle seemed to still be moving at full RPM when this occurred, only x, y, z movement all halted. We use Fusion 360 so I reset the setup in the program for the cut and retried it. The same thing occurred only at a different time and spot in the cut. We would greatly appreciate any suggestions from anyone has any knowledge on the topic or has experienced an issue like this in the past.

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Which axis re-zeroed when this happened? Or was it all of them? That will help determined what wire is shorting.

If it was just one it sounds like you might have a wire shorting somewhere along the length of the axis zero limit wires. Check all of your wires with a voltmeter, shake them a bit, and you will likely find where the wire is shorting if that is what is happening.

If multiple axes are shorting at the same time you may be sort of browning out the system, either due to a fuse or a bad power supply (a few people have reported bad PSUs on these machines). It might be turning off enough to reset the zero values as they are typically not recalled on a power cycle. The fact that you are using the non-usb version makes this even more likely.

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