Omio Enclosure

My team is planning to buy an Omio X8 router soon and I need to come up with a design for an enclosure. Pictures & CADs of enclosures for your CNC routers would be greatly appreciated.

It sounds like WestCoast Products will be selling one soon. I’ll be honest I would just wait for that to be out.
In the meantime all I did in the past was make a quick wooden frame on all sides with polycarbonate screwed into it.


I’ve contacted WCP and the price for the enclosure is quite expensive. I was hoping to make one ourselves and save on the cost.

I’d just go with what Akash said, but if you wanna be top tier lazy (not a bad thing), I’d just wait until wcp releases theirs and then copy the design out of wood for cheap. RC won’t care :wink:


What are the goals/requirements for the enclosure. My workbee CNC that I’m getting for my house needs to worry about being quiet. Additionally, since my CNC will be in the corner the of the room, the enclosure should easily come off to be able to do maintenance. Oh, cost is a concern. I don’t need to see in from all sides, so one side will have a door with a window.

You might have different needs. If you do a google image search of “CNC enclosures” you can see lots of different designs. Just make sure you’re building an enclosure that solves the needs you have.

Also, I’m assuming the enclosure and the base are two separate items, but they can be one.

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