Omio Purchase

I’m currently working on seeing if it will be possible to purchase a Omio CNC through our district and I’m looking to get feedback from those that have purchased from Omio before.

Is there anymore cost involved than the price listed at checkout? (Their website says there might be customs duties), is this true?

If there are other costs involved, what is the approximate cost?

Lastly, I feel that there seems to be a lot of teams that purchase the X8-2200L-USB, how about the EPL version? Pros or cons for each machine if you have experience.

Thank you!

Some of your questions may be answered here:

Look through this thread. A mountain of good info.

I didn’t get dinged on customs, but theoretically you should be paying ~25% tarriffs on it. I had to pay $700 on a similarly priced router a little more than a year ago, which I later sold and replaced with an Omio.

I purchased an Omio X8 18 months ago and there were no additional fees. I am in process of purchasing an Omio X8 for my school district and emailed Omio regarding import tariffs (side note: they are very responsive to email). Their position is that any tariffs are the responsibility of the buyer. I expect any tariff to be in the $0-$200 range, which would not change my purchase decision. I expect my purchase to go through in 2-4 weeks. Feel free to PM me on what I learn.

As a teacher who is trying to purchase the X8 through my school I am very curious to see what you have learned from your experience purchasing.

We just purchased one on Team 238 and no tariffs were charged beyond the quoted shipping price when checking out through the OMIO website. Initial shipping took about 9-10 days (they are reshipping one of the two boxes as FedEx had substantially damaged the box).

I have received my router and there were no fees beyond the checkout price through Omio’s website. The router was delayed a couple of days due to quantity of items waiting to be shipped from that area. Currently assembling the machine and have been impressed with communication with Omio.

Our Omio X8 arrived today. I didn’t learn much from the purchasing process. The district buyer called me regarding the initial order and I stepped them through the Omio web page and the product/accessories I wanted. The district purchased the product from the web and paid with PayPal.

I will say that I work for an excellent district with people throughout that do their best to solve problems.

When you order your Omio, send an email to Omio support and ask them for the user manual, the software and the setup video. I have purchased two routers now and both times these items were not included.

FYI, our base setup took three students 50 minutes to complete, without having the video. The setup video does help identify how to connect parts although it is for an older version of the X6.

In my experience they are emailed to whoever made the purchase (if they entered their email).

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