OMIO Router import taxes

We just recently purchased a OMIO router and I noticed on their FAQ page that they reference import taxes. Has anyone who purchased one recently had to deal with this?

Q:Does the shipping cost included the import taxes ?

A:No, it’s not include. Click here to see the import taxes or Customs duties

Also this entry confuses me too. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Q:How could I deal with the customs clearance??

A:The local express services will call you for customs clearance when the product arrived at your local Customs ( sometimes you need to contact your local customs for customs clearance).

Basically, what they’re saying is that the shipping provider will contact you regarding any import tax prior to delivering it (customs tends to not let things out of port until taxes are paid on it). If your Omio has been delivered already, then you shouldn’t have to worry about import tax.

IMO, their Q&A comes off as more of a “we don’t know/can’t be bothered to keep track of what the current tax situation in your country is, so it’s possible you might have to pay something extra before you receive your shipment”. It’s also possible such taxes, if applicable, are automatically built into the shipping calculator, meaning you already paid them but OmioCNC would have no knowledge of it (they just get the cost to ship it from the shipper).

Incidentally, if there would normally be tax charged on an import product, if you’re buying it on behalf of a school or non-profit, it may be tax exempt under the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS), Section XXII, heading 9810.

We got our Omio a few weeks ago, and I’m not aware of any complications regarding taxes on it.


Thank you for the your response. That clears it up. I also just received clarification from OMIO directly. See below:

For American customers, there is usually no need to do anything. The express company will do customs clearance for you. If there is a tariff, they will charge you when the express company delivers the goods.

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