Omio Working Area Beside WCP Tube Jig

I want to shear some aluminum sheets to size to fit on an Omio beside the WCP tube jig. Does anyone know what the working area dimensions would be in that configuration?

Swyft Lists the specs as: 656mm(X) x 770(Y) x 85mm(Z)

If you take these dimensions and subtract the width of the WCP jig, than that’s your working area with it on the table.

I don’t think it’s that simple, the working area is not the dimensions of the table, it’s the maximum travel of the center of the tool. I think part of the WCP tube jig extends outside of the working area which means you don’t need to subtract the full width of the tube jig.

I was hoping someone who had one set up could take an actual measurement for me.

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RC can probably help you out here. We just got our tube jigs from WCP yesterday but haven’t had time to set them up. We did set up our four enclosures yesterday, and we couldn’t be more happy with them!


I can take a measurement on Monday, that’s the next time i’ll be in our shop. We’ve had the tube jig set up for a while, and it works great! We spent the summer designing, and the fall using it to cut and then build a table heavily inspired by the WC tables.


Did you happen to get those measurements?

If it is at all helpful, I made a quick dummy model of the router that can be found here:

It is pretty close to the real thing, it just doesn’t have a lot of the individual details. You should be able to figure out the measurements from that.

Oh shoot, I completely forgot. Last night was real hectic - unpacking our pre-season orders, cleaning the shop, and on top of that we had a parent meeting that I completely forgot about that took up half my time :frowning:

The working area of the machine is 565mm (about 22 1/4 inches) wide. The tube jig is 3.375" wide. I know the jig sits inside the working area (we accidentally broke a bit on the side stop when first using it… oops!). So, my back of the napkin math says to cut the sheets maybe 17.5" wide to use the whole sheet (There’s additional room to hang off the side outside the working area if needed, too!). That allows for up to 1" on the other side of the tube jig, and it’s certainly no more than that.

If you get your sheets in pre-cut sizes (for example, the local shop here sells them in 4’x12’ sheets), then it may make sense to look for a an even split and give up a little working area. So using my local sources, it makes sense to cut them at 16", as that goes evenly into 4’.

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