Omni Drive FTC

So, We were just playing around with some new drive trains for the new season and we were wondering if anyone was willing to share their code? We are using RobotC and we are using 4 motors. I have looked at resources, but now i would like to play with an initial code. for now we would prefer something that didn’t read sensor values, more something that just is purely by power. Thank you.

Hello, and welcome to ChiefDelphi :D. I’ll get you started by pointing you to the CD-Media link above the orange bar near the top of the page. If you click that, you can search the myriad whitepapers for this type of code. Search for “holonomic”, “omni drive”, etc. I know Ether and several others have posted pseudo code for many variants of sensor feedback (including no sensor feedback), so that should get you started.