Omni Drive Pathfinding and following

For our off-season tournament, our driver wants to replace our tank traction wheels with omni wheels. However, one of the things on by bucket list is to implement motion profiling and following to our robot using this library: Looking at the documentation, I only find support for Tank and swerve drive. Will I be able to implement this library with omni wheels instead of traction?

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I am kind of a noob and don’t know how.

Nvm figured it out

Please, post your solution in case someone comes across this thread later :slight_smile:

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With some effort, you can take the swerve profile and adjust it to Omni drive. Alternatively, you can write your own modifier to convert the single, center path to an individual path for each of your wheels. Both of these would depend on your robots Omni config (where the wheels are).

Sometime in the kinda-near future, Pathfinder V2 should be released, which should contain support for Omni wheels and make it easier to implement custom drive configurations.

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As an addition, if you’re just using Omni wheels in place of your tank wheels, but still in a tank configuration (2 parallel lines of wheels, left and right ONLY), the tank modifier will still function just fine.

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Thanks so much Jaci:) ! I will use tank since it is much simpler.