omni tribot

For the preseason, my team and I are trying to come up with a unique chassis design. Were thinking of doing a tribot with 3 omni wheels. Similar to what team 857 did in 2002: Does anyone know of other examples? I can’t seem to find much information on this…

This type of drive style has been used on FTC bots in the past (where motors are limited to only 6-8). I don’t know of any specific examples, but you might find one by digging through FTC history.

1501 in 2010 is a solid example.

Those are generally called Kiwi drives. I believe 1114 used it on their 2015 robot.

They did. Their cad and design notebook are available online.

^Their notebook is definitely worth spending some time to digest.

The kiwi chassis is by far the best of its kind I have ever seen.

Team 3238 has been working on that drive system for the last couple months on and off, its coming close to completion once again. Was torn apart last year and is in the process of being rebuilt

Thank you this is so helpful

do you have any pictures you could share?

Another very good example of Kiwi drive is team 1425 in 2014. Very effective.

This thread has a good bit about the reverse kinematics (converting joystick values for forward, strafe, and rotate into the inputs for each wheel).

I think you forgot a link

No link needed, just search on “Ether”. :wink:

Here’s one.

For anyone who is in the Portland area:

If you would like to see the drivebase from that robot in person you have a chance to tomorrow. It will be at FIRST Fair at Gladstone High School (

I am giving a talk on electronics there and it is my demonstration of how to do robot wiring.