Omni-Wheel Design

Has any team come up with an omni-wheel design that allows for the mini-wheels in each omni wheel to turn on their own?

Can you explain further what you mean by each of the mini-whells turning on their own. My team 1257 had a functional holonomic drive using the omni-wheels last year the mini-wheels spin on their own based on the movement of the robot. Please elaborate on your question and im sure i can help you out.
P.S i hope you dont have in mine an omni-whell design for this years competition i wouldnt recomend it

sorry. what i mean is that the omnis are not positioned like this

or any similar designs. I want to know if you can get the mini-wheels moving by motor or some other means.

yea for the holonomic drive the wheels are position at 45 degree angles like this

/ \ I cant understand a practical reason for controling the miniwheels
\ / on a motor?

there is…i can assure you :slight_smile:

one, i dont think its possible, two the prograaming would be ridicoulously complex to make it all those wheels actually being controlled by motors.

i figured it out…using gears

Sure its possible, but it would be overcomplicated, require very big wheels or very small gears.

The reasons I could see for this would be so be able to more easily climb the ramp, and have more pushing power in the forward direction.
I think you talking about positioning the wheels like this.

| |
| |

with the rollers opposite. Is this correct?

Also the programing for this would be no more complicated than the pro gaming for a normal omni drive. However I don’t see the benefit of this over using a swerve drive because its more complicated to build and doesn’t hold any advantages over a swerve.