Omni wheels in 2004 kit?

I saw at that they had omniwheels under mechanical ? does this mean they’ll have em in next years kit ? that would be awesome!!

The website is, as far as I know, an entirely unofficial website, and is not associated with FIRST. Just because a part is “cadded” and on the site does not mean anything about its inclusion in the kit of parts.

Check out the “Manufactured” subsection. Think you’ll see much of that in the kit, next year?

I drew and posted this part because we used it in our design this year. I’ts available from McMaster-Carr.

FirstCadLibrary is not an official FIRST sponsored site. It’s a site I created to help all those FIRST teams who want to use the donated Inventor software to design their robots without having to spend countless hours drawing common parts. The “Manufactured” library are parts that we designed for use on our robot over the years (I’m a member of team 34).