Our 2019 omni drive


Looks like the setup was pretty successful for you guys, I’m curious as to why you chose to effectively put two chassis’s into one compared to the more common omni or H drives.




Its a creative title, next gen.

Did you find yourself needing more PDP slots?

Did you find yourself driving this in an omnidirectional way or driving it like a normal tank drive?

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No, we only had 8 slots for the drivetrain but the rest of the robot only had three motors. Two 775s for climbing and we had a mini cim for the manipulator. We had that into a 12” actuator which controlled both the panel and the ball manipulation. MAG Encoder for positions on the Dart. We drove it like an Omnidirectional. We had a limelight for positioning the panels so all the limelight had to do was drive side to side. It also gave us a very low center of gravity (80lb in the drive train alone) this allowed us to hit other robots at high speeds and they had only one choice. Move. So it worked well on defense, on the other hand it didn’t have enough traction to push other robots so we needed to build up speed if we wanted to hit someone.



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