On behalf of Team 27

On behalf of Team 27 I would like to thank everyone that was rooting for us, 66, and 322. I would also like to congradulate on the red team (47, 33, 888) on their win. Again, thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing everyone in Flordia.

Thanks team 27 for being a great alliance partener with us against 71 and for the fast robot award it was really slick!

Talk about a great match. This was one of the best matches. No dull just push, push. Here there was action, hitting, skilled driving and the winner was not determined until the buzzer went off.

I have watched this match-up 10 times on tape, and I still wonder if we will win at the end. It was that close.

Thanks 27, 66, 322

is there any way that you could post a link to that match, I’ve heard about it but can’t find it anywhere? Thanks in advance

Mighty Mouse is back for the Nats.

I think we may have it on video, but i doubt it will be put on the internet. Does anyone have the match on tape?

I don’t think you could have selected two more evenly matched alliances. It was so close. Too bad we came out on the short end. Oh, well. It was fun, and good luck to eveyone in FLA !!

jason, Team 66