On Board Compressor Question

Does anyone know what the cubic feet per minute or the volume of air the on board compressor puts out? We checked the manual and online and can’t find an answer.

It’s in R85. 1.10 CFM @12VDC maximum.

Your specific compressor may vary, but if you can’t show that it meets R85’s volume flow rate limitations (by using a manufacturer spec document or something similar) you’ll be using another one.

Depends on what compressor you are using?

I found this on the AM website.

The old standard KOP compressor


Flow rate of 0.88 cfm at 0 ps

Newer higher flow compressor


Flow Rate: 1.10 cfm at 0 psi

This is the max flow rate allowed currently by FIRST.

Good luck this season.


The compressors we have access to are capable of filling 2-3 of the large plastic air tanks to 120psi from empty over the course of a 2 minute match. This is why the last time 1678 had an on-board compressor was 2014.

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