On-Field Camera Latency

Our team has had some issues with about a second to a second and a half of latency on the USB camera feeds we use. We usually only use one to two USB cameras at low resolution, so bandwidth shouldn’t be a problem, and we only implement the simple CameraServer automatic capture. It’s been a bit difficult for our drivers to not have reliable feedback during sandstorm as we expected. Has anyone else experienced this, and is there a way to get around it?

I’ve always had problems with this. Driving with cameras like a first person video game always gives us a lot of latency. I think some teams are hosting their camera servers on raspberry pis to get way less latency to get around the limitations of the RIO just like most teams do with vision code.

I had fun driving using the big screens in sandstorm, though even those had latency. But it will usually show the entire field. I think if looking at the big screen during sandstorm didn’t work for us as well as it did, I would have programmed an autonomous mode that takes input from the driver and is able to confirm with the driver on whether or not to place a game piece.

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