On-line fundraising

Has anyone heard of Giveline at http://www.giveline.com? They sent our school info on becoming a member so that we can get a percentage of on-line sales. We’re always looking for a good way to increse FIRST funding, but I’ve never heard of this outfit.

That site looks pretty generic – shop for anything and give you a % of sales? Why would they, advertising?

Back in college I learned of a particular website that would sell tshirts, coffee mugs, pens, badges, stationary, plates, cups, knick-knacks, etc all with your logo on it and you’d get a % of the sales. I don’t remember that particular website’s name but I’m sure there are several others out there.

www.Cafepress.com is most likely what you are thinking about, and probably the most popular.

Ha, that’s it. For some reason I was thinking coffee but it wouldn’t come to mind.