On or about November 18th

OK, so I was I the only person who checked the robotics.nasa.gov website today first thing today? :slight_smile:

For those of you with experience with NASA grants, will it be right on the front page?

Trying to Help

According to the FIRST website…

NASA plans to announce their grant winners by Friday, 11/20/2009.

Hoping a certain Team 2502 is able to get a NASA grant this year!

Good luck to all the teams that applied, and thanks again to NASA for their support.

Thanks for the update! I just checked their website - is that information on a different web page?

-Trying to Help

I found it on this page http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/content.aspx?id=7358

I hope you get your grant!:slight_smile:


As Chris said, good luck to all the teams that applied. I’m sure that reading all the applications and trying to make a decision must be a very difficult process, especially this year. I imagine that there are a lot of worthy teams that have applied.

The November 18th date came from the application. Perhaps FIRST has had a more recent update. December 4th is getting closer and closer.

Trying to Help

Thank Chris!!! We are REALLY hoping for it… but I mean every team must be wringing their hands for this grant… If we get this grant, expect no less than 200% dedication and work from our team! :slight_smile:

Team 2502

oh my…i had a little panic attack in the car the other day knowing that the results are going to here soon. I have been refreshing the FRC NASA page like every hour today waiting. AGH, just means a lesson in patience huh? =) Good Luck to all!! and keep your fingers crossed for The Caiman Agents, Team 3021

And there up- http://robotics.arc.nasa.gov/events/2010_sponsorship.php#ncr

Congratulations to all who are receiving grants for the upcoming season!

THANK YOU NASA!! Both for your support now, in the past, and hopefully well into the future!:slight_smile:

Should NASA come up to you in Atlanta and ask you to say all of your sponsors over NASA TV, don’t forget that they are one of your sponsors. :rolleyes: