On the Passing of Greg Sollie

Good morning,

I was asked by FRC Team 3606, BearMetal, from Catholic High in Baton Rouge to let all of our community know that one of their lead mentors, Greg Sollie, passed away last night shortly after a build meeting with his team.

Please keep his family, team, and school in your thoughts.

Best -
Daniel L. Eiland

I would like to extend my condolences on behalf of team 997.

-Anthony Cardinali

Daniel please pass along our condolences from Team 111 to his family, friends and team.

Here is a page in which current and former students are sharing memories of Mr. Sollie.
Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and soul.

On behalf of Team 4209 Tigerbytes, I would like to send my condolences to Greg’s friends, family, and team. If there is anything that Team 4209 can do for Team 3606, just let us know.

Greg was such a friendly person. I will miss him.
Our condolences to his friends, family, team, and students.

Shawn Liner
Team 3753

Everyone on Team 456 extends our sincere condolences to Team 3606, their school, and to all of Greg’s family and friends. Our hearts are deeply saddened by the loss of another member of our Bayou and FIRST family.

Reading these comments show what a great man he was. We at 829 extend our condolences.

Really sorry to hear that. We will keep your team and his family in mind today.

Thanks so much to everyone. I lost a great friend and coworker and our school lost a great man. When I know details for arrangements I’ll get word out.

On behalf of Team 1912, our condolences to the Sollie and Team 3606 BearMetal families.

I never had the chance to meet him, but by all accounts, it seems like he was an incredible teacher, mentor, and person. Team 1540 sends our condolences.

From Team 4587, we express our deepest condolences. We have enjoyed going to Baton Rouge each summer and Greg will be missed.

Team 1983 Extends its condolences… It is indeed difficult to lose a mentor and a friend of FIRST… our thoughts are with your team and his family. I love the blog and the stories about him.

On behalf of team 4300, i’d like to send my condolences to team 3606.

FRC Team 1501 T.H.R.U.S.T. sends out it’s condolences to the family and team of a great man. Rest in Peace Greg. You will be truly missed.

On behalf of 2992, I want to say how saddened we are to hear of Mr. Sollie’s passing. Our hearts go out to all the students and families he’s impacted as a mentor and teacher.

From Rosie Robotics, FRC 838 way up in New England, we send white light to y’all down south on the passing of Mr Sollie. After reading the comments, he sounds like a wicked nice guy and great teacher.

My family and Team 1923: The MidKnight Inventors are sending along all our good energy towards the Sollie family and Team 3606. We know what it’s like to lose part of the team, and hope that the support you find throughout the FIRST community brings you strength.

Our deepest condolences from the M.A.R.S. Rovers of team 4004. We didn’t know Greg but anyone who mentors or works with a FIRST team is a very special person. To devote their time to these kids and help them grow is a special gift.