One Bot Can Change The World (Music Video)

The memories, the lessons, the triumph and defeat are all part of an invaluable FIRST experience. As an alumnus, I often reminisce about where we’ve gone, what we’ve done, and what we’ve been able to create. I know FIRST Robotics transformed the students on my team, and that we will go on to change the world. That’s why I fell in love with the idea that one program, one team, one student - one bot can change the world.

Here’s my submission for the FIRST Parody contest. The song is for everyone, but the video is dedicated to my team, 610, and the 2014 graduating class. Thanks for watching.


you are a legend, well put, and great song :slight_smile:

Inspiring! That is the only word…

That was really great. It wasn’t so much a parody as a “love song” to a passion you have had for many years and your friends.

The parts about “2013” brought back some very happy memories for us. Torque kindly gave my son’s FLL team a ride to St. Louis and we got to watch the Einstein matches.

It is snowing in Toronto already? I’ve been away for over 15 years and have forgotten when the first snow usually falls.

I like that.

I may be biased, but Jordan Grant is amazing…

The vocals for this video were incredible, WOW! Great job.

Here’s a link with subtitles enabled by default. The lyrics to this song are special. I know the video is very 610-centric, which I hope won’t hurt its chances for the contest, but the song and the lyrics should resonate with every FRC team out there.

One Bot Can Change The World

I hope you learn to build it on your own
And if you need some help just know you’ll never be alone
I hope you get to implement the features that you chose
And when your robot’s on the field everybody knows
Hope you win all the awards, win Chairman’s and everything
Use the kit of parts, but got million dollar dreams
And when you get it all just remember one thing, remember one thing
One bot can change the world
One bot can change the world

[Verse 1: JG2012]
When I first saw FIRST Robotics knew I wouldn’t get past it
That kids my age could build these bots I thought that it was magic
I had to have it
So I joined the FIRST team at my school, my first job was to make a small attachment
Working so hard every day right up till bag day, you know
The only way to build it right sometimes is first build it the wrong way
And keep trying till it works
And when you drive that beauty know that it will crash
On a 12 volt pack, geared quick like gas
Think about it, sketch it out, dream about it, tell your team about it, make Einstein worthy strategy about it
Success is on the way, I feel it in the distance
Used to look up at the Poofs and wonder what it is was missing
Built our program, built the program, won regionals and several districts
Learned so much along the way we got to FIRST’s true mission


[Verse 2: JG2012]
You can find us in the workshop when it’s dark or when it’s light out
Industrial strength duct tape, engineer’s version of white out
All the stress that we carried
See it worth it at last
Drove hours to this regional and didn’t come last
A bit of science, technology, engineering and math
Applying some of the concepts that we’ve been learning in class
And you’d expect that we’d be tired
When it come to creativity ideas find a way to survive
A bit of cad, bit of wire, top of that a bunch of subsystems coders have to debug like each and each and each and every every every time
Flip the switch, it’s alive
Keep your cool behind the glass, may not have a car yet but in FRC you have a chance to drive
Lead your team to glory, take the dive
Jump headfirst into a program that’s bound to change your life
Find your passion, find your drive, have some fun, have good times, and don’t be shy, FIRST Robotics is here to help you fly


Well, it has snowed in Michigan, so yes.